Once you have built your own pizza oven and got used to cooking pizza for lots of people, why not invest in a fire pit to keep warm long into the summer evenings. Watching a fire is so mesmerizing!

We bought the Sicily firepit via for around £65 including rain cover.

It comes flat packed and easy to assemble – just 8 screws with supplied allen key and spanner. The cowl is stainless steel painted with high temparature copper colour paint. There’s a spark guard we only use when we’ve all gone to bed and a grill for the bottom.

We opted for the high quality rain cover, but not the bbq grill.

Jenga Fire!

Jenga Fire!

We learnt a great technique for a smokeless hot fire that is a little counter-intuitive! In other words the fire is built upside down to how I learnt in Scouts! Firstly build up wood in a jenga style, so there is plenty of air flow gaps. Then some newspaper scrunched up and kindling on top. The fire is fed from underneath by air flow so what little smoke is driven upwards. It then burns downwards for a hot, fairly smokeless fire with plenty of flame to watch!

Buy your firepit now on*

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