Wood Fired Pizza Oven by John Pellicano

wood-fired-pizza-ovenJohn Pellicano has pizza oven making in his genes! He helped his Dad build four pizza ovens in various childhood homes and still uses the last one made decades ago.

John has written the beautifully illustrated “Wood Fired Pizza Oven” book available on amazon.co.uk*.
The first section is about making a brick dome shape oven, with ceramic under sheet insulation, but no insulation layer on the top. The instructions and diagrams are clear and there is a materials list to enable you to buy what you need easily, if you follow his design. At the end of the chapter a few hints about optimum oven temparature are given – I liked the flour trick (page 15)

The ingredients section is informative, especially about flour types and mozzarella types.

There are ten recipes for pizza dough and then loads of pizza recipes. I’m desparate to try out some of the more unusual ones at our next pizza party, like the Fig and Goat’s cheese pizza.

I would have loved some detail on the art of actually cooking the pizzas. If I cooked pizzas for the stated 10mins in our brick oven, they would be charcoal!
This book is really a recipe book, which excels at pizza toppings with an added oven design to make it more appealing to the growing aspiring wood fired oven market. If you want inspiration for pizza toppings then it is well worth buying on Amazon UK* or Amazon US*. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

My thanks to New Holland Publishing for supplying me with a review copy.