Ultimate pizza dough

I now use the recipe specified by the Associazione¬†Vera Pizza Napoletana – the Napoli Pizza Maker’s Association, which uses more salt than many recipes, but tastes fantastic. We scale up or down the basic recipe assuming 100g of flour per person! it’s been handed down for generations in Napoli and worth using!

For 8-10 people, my recipe is…

600g of Water

small handful of  salt

1kg of OO Flour

Knob (thumbnail size) of fresh yeast stirred into the water and left for 5mins.

Mix the salt into the flour and gradually work in the water to form the dough.

Knead for 10-15mins and leave to rise in a bowl, covered with a damp tea towel for 2 hours.

Form the pizza using your hands, using a tennis ball size of dough – no rolling pins allowed on the recipe, because they puff up better. I think that is nonsense. We roll them now and they “bubble” fine in our brick oven at 400oC!

A spoonful of tomato sauce is spread in a circular motion from the centre – with 2cm of crust round the edge.

Top with Mozarella cheese and a splash of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

They take 90secs to cook in a hot pizza oven. Bellisimo!

We overmake the dough by at least one batch to make focaccia at the end of the night…