The Art of Wood fired cooking

The art of wood fired cooking is my favourite pizza oven book, written by Andrea Mugnaini. It is beautifully designed with lots of photographs and illustrations.

The most helpful section was on how to light a fire in the oven and how heat is distributed. It was particularly well done and helpful and helpful on getting the oven temperature right for different types of cooking. We always make focaccia at the end of a party with any left over dough, which of course needs cooking near the door for a low slower cook – a 90sec 450oC burn is not was is required!

stretching-doughThe section on dough and how to get the perfect round pizza shape is so well done and is improving my technique no end! Helpful hints and instructions are given on getting the pizza of the peel into the oven, turning and serving.

The last sections contains amazing recipes for meat, fish, vegetables as well other types of bread and desserts.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!
It’s available on* and* and worth every penny!

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