What are you going to need?

Building your own clay pizza oven can be pretty cheap or even free!

There are five stages to the project and here’s what you will need…

1) Foundations

Six inch deep hole filled with rubble and topped off with gravel or slabs or even concrete


Six grade 1 railway sleepers
4 bootloads of rubble (nearly 1m3)
3 bags of sand
50 bricks

3) 1st Adobe Layer

4 Bags of sand
4 buckets of clay
5 bags of sand for the former
1 wet newspaper!

4) Insulation layer

2 buckets of clay
Bag of sawdust/rapecore/hemcore
10 bricks for arch and left over adobe mix

5) The Final Layer

The five bags of sand from the former
5 buckets of clay
Old flue pipe from a boiler/stove

Shopping list

6 railway sleepers – I bought mine from Grademore in Necton Norfolk
12 bags of sand – from any DIY store
4 bootloads of rubble – I rang a local window installation firm who had a rubble pile they were happy for me to take from for free.
50 bricks – with a flat side! – the rubble pile or any DIY store
10 bricks for the arch – any DIY store
1 newspaper
11 builders buckets of clay – we are in a very sandy area, so I got my Blue Cambrian clay from a friends brick pit in the Fens. Any clay will do, even potters if you don’t mind the expense!
1 old flue pipe scrounged off a plumber!
1 builders bucket – any DIY store
1 mixing tub*– any DIY store or Amazon*
1 bag of sawdust – any pet store
Tarpaulin or
1 Heavy Duty Plaster Mixer

or an Old electric drill and mortar mixing bit*– my old drill got fairly trashed with Adobe mix

It’s worth buying a pizza peel* now – you will need to make sure it fits through your oven door!

Next Step – the foundations